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We are producing too much greenhouse emissions and are running out of natural resources at the same time. By linking excess materials from production processes to other businesses through a smart logistics network we can close the loop. Are you in?


KYC regulation is necessary to prevent malpractices and therefore requires financial institutions to improve their operating procedures to ensure compliance while minimizing costs and retain profitability. Our solution can help you. What do you think?

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Imagine a world where the complete ecosystem is fully transparent and visible. Consumers can rest assured a fair price was paid and a sustainable production method was used, gauranteeing fairtrade. Did you start yet?


The West is rapidly aging and the challenge of delivering quality care to our elderly is more present than ever. Innovation is required to keep the costs at a sustainable level whilst maintining high standards. Are you interested?

Who we are

Caltrix was founded by former employees of The Boston Consulting Group, Accenture and Rabobank International. The team has professional experience in venture capital, strategy consultancy, Energy transition, software development, M&A advisory and over 15 years of combined experience in digital innovation .

Joost Kamermans

Joost Kamermans

After starting in venture capital Joost continued working as a Strategy Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. Here he was involved in digital innovation for multinationals and was involved in IT transformations for large financial institutions. He holds an MSc in Finance from the RSM & Wharton - University of Pennsylvania.

Bram Haenraets

Bram Haenraets

Bram started out at BNP Paribas AM where he focused on alternative investment research. He then continued his career at Rabobank, the largest ‘green bank’ in the Netherlands, where he was responsible for FX & money market coverage for European FI treasuries. Bram focuses on the intersection of finance, digital innovation and sustainability.

Arjan Visser

Arjan Visser

Arjan started his career with Accenture working in the energy and utilities market. He then managed large scale programs and investments in emerging markets as entrepreneur and consultant with the World Bank, UN and development banks. He studied Industrial Engineering & Management at the University of Twente and Finance at LSE.

Mike Vanblaricum

Mike Vanblaricum

Mike is a Commercial Economics student at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He is specializing in Marketing and is currently writing his thesis research at Caltrix.

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Caltrix dedicates a significant amount of time to research. We share our knowledge with our network and collaborate to gain insights in the latest developments and innovations.

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Caltrix fintech mission to Scotland

Thanks to Holland FinTech, Caltrix was fortunate enough to be selected for the FinTech Mission to Edinburgh, organized together with the British Embassy. As a young company involved in corporate entrepreneurship, developing solutions together with (and for) corporates, we were very happy to be a part of the mission and explore innovations and collaborations with FinTechs. We were there for our KYC-venture, to expand our KYC ecosystem and look for potential partnerships.


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