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September 2019: DNB sends out press release preparing service providers for AMLD5 implementation

AMLD5: What does it mean for my business?                DNB (Dutch Central bank) press release                               

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Our ecosystem technology allows for re-usage of certified KYC data...

...and thereby significantly lowers costs and onboarding time.


1. Initial Validation

If a potential customer has not yet been validated, a validator (e.g. financial/governmental institution or third-party validation service) can validate the required documents of the customer. Once successfully completed, the validator protects the authenticity of the results using V-ID's validation API and allowing the results to be re-used.

2. File protection through a digital fingerprint

The documents are protected by storing the extracted unique fingerprint in one or multiple blockchains without compromising privacy or GDPR laws. Validated files can be checked and verified within 5 seconds using the drag-and-drop online interface. Validated files can be renamed and sent without losing its validated status. Only when the document is edited will the validated status be lost.


3. Automation and re-use of validation

The customer or service provider now has validated documents that are approved by the validator. These validated files can be used to fast-track the KYC process at other firms; After a 5-second verification check, the new firm can assume authenticity and accept the document(s) and thereby reduce time and costs spent.

Re-use of validations make verifying documents faster, cheaper and automated through the use of APIs.

An organisation can be both a validator (i.e. seller, when a client’s data has not been validated yet by another trusted organisation) and/or a verifier (i.e. buyer, when a client has already been validated by another trusted organisation).


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